Frequently Asked Questions

Vitamins and supplements taken orally have a 30% bioavailability in the gut. Some prescription medications, as well as highly processed and inflammatory foods can cause further compromise with absorption. Intravenous vitamins and minerals allow for 100% absorption and are immediately available for cellular use.
Yes, the IV infusions are administered by a trained medical professional, and we do an extensive health history. Essential uses reputable, FDA approved compounding pharmacies for our vitamins and minerals. IV nutrients have been used for many ailments since the 1800’s. It is now becoming more popular for regular preventive medical therapy or even restoring cellular vitality for anti-aging.

There are very few side effects if at all. Maybe bleeding, bruising, soreness, itching or redness at the IV site. Cooling or warm sensation in the arm with fluids being administered. Flushed feeling, vitamin taste in the mouth or vitamin smell in the urine. These are all normal.

The infusions are tailored to an individual’s needs. Some may just need acute relief from a hangover or jet lag, while others may need regular vitamin infusions. Our extensive health history will help us determine your specific needs or health goals.
There are forms to fill out and a quick assessment. The infusion process takes between 30-60 minutes give or take per infusion or depending on added boosters. The NAD+ takes 2-4 hours depending on the amount administered.
We unfortunately do not take insurance. We offer comparable prices to those in the area and offer set packages for mobile hydration and vitamin infusion services.
Yes, we can provide services to your party, group or event. We offer discounted rates for 2 or more infusions. Contact us to find out how we can accommodate your next event.