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Jackie is so knowledgeable about IV therapy and all the benefits! She uses such care when dealing with you and is so kind! I will definitely be seeing her again!!!
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Went in for an IV vitamin infusion after talking with Jackie about my symptoms. She was so knowledgeable in helping me come up with a blend of nutrients that would benefit me most. Within 15 min of having the solution I immediately felt better. What a luxury to be able to have this mobile service available, days before traveling!
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I am loving the NAD IV Drip. I was feeling tired and not a ton of energy. That night I slept extremely well!! Typically, I wake up about 3x per night, but that night was able to sleep very well. I noticed I was more focused and felt a ton more energy. Jackie was great and I loved getting my NAD with a bonus B12 shot!!! Can’t wait to do it again.
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I Highly recommend Essential IV and Wellness. I was feeling under the weather from a long night out and after an evaluation of all my symptoms, I received a customized IV infusion. Before my infusion was even complete, I was feeling better and more energized. I will definitely be making the custom infusions and vitamin injections part of my normal routine.
Michelle W
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I can’t explain how important it is to put the right things into our bodies and how often we all neglect to do so. It couldn’t be any easier than it is to bolster your immune system, boost those vitamins and minerals and JUST GIVE YOUR BODY what it NEEDS. A TRUE medical professional, with YEARS of experience and DECADES of “know how”, there’s NO BETTER person or place to give your body what it needs!
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I’ve had two IV’s with Jackie so far and both were amazing, super smooth, and left me feeling great! I got a lot of additives, and she was able to formulate just the right cocktail for me! I will definitely be going back regularly to maintain feeling my best!
Michelle L
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So grateful for Jackie at Essential IV & Wellness! She has helped me so much! She has run all my blood work, helped me figure out what’s going on with my body and has me on the path to healing and hitting my goals! She also gives painless injections! I’m so grateful for her and her wealth of knowledge! I know my health is in great hands!